Vitamin tablet manufacturing is the most common product form of the nutritional supplement industry. With a larger ingredient capacity than capsules, tablets are often the first choice for any daily vitamin formulation.  Tablets allow for customized punch size and design. As well as the possibility for enteric coating so the tablet does not dissolve in the stomach but rather the small intestines. 

Form Specializations

Tablet supplements are usually segmented by their type of tablet function.  Here is a list of the more common ones:

  • Enteric Coated Tablet – Reliable tablets that breakdown after passing through stomach for better absorption.
  • Effervescent Tablets – Tablets that when added to water bubble to make a fizzy beverage.
  • ODT/MDT – Oral Dissolving Tablets/Mouth Dissolving Tablets or sometimes referred to as sublingual tablets are not swallowed and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the mouth.  
  • Chewable Tablets – Tablets that are chewed prior to ingesting which is a common practice for children’s multivitamins since swallowing pills can be difficult.

Tablet supplements are commonly packaged in standard bottles, blister packs or in single serving sachets.

AJES has the capability to manufacture one million tablets per day.

Tablets supplements are a long-established dietary supplement product type. Virtually every natural ingredient can be pressed into tablets. The following are supplement types that will not always be functional:

  • Oil Based Nutrients – Anything that is a liquid in its natural state will be difficult to press into a tablet for example Fish Oils, Fatty Acids or Phosphatidylserine and other Phospholipids.
  • Probiotics – The pressure of compressing the tablets can damage the ‘live count’ of probiotics so generally probiotics shouldn’t be used in tablet form.