At AJES we strive to provide the versatility your business needs to be successful. Packaging is a critical component of your product’s marketability. We can package your product in bulk or individual units for direct user sale. Bulk packaging makes it easier to send your product directly to another packaging facility for single serve packets or blister packing. AJES can support packaging options for every product form we manufacture. Whether standard bottling or bag packing, we have the contacts to source everything your marketing department requires.

Common Non-Standard Packing Options

  • Stick Packets – narrow straw like packets common for powders
  • Sachet Packets – square shaped packets usable for pills and powders
  • Blister Packs – individual pill packed sheets
  • Box Packing – if you are packing your product in single serving sizes we highly recommend printing a box that can be filled with the packets
  • Shrink Wrapping – if you plan on selling your bottles in multiple month supplies or have two products that are complementary we could wrap them together to sell as a set

Design, Printing & Single Serve Packaging

AJES is first and foremost a research-based manufacturing facility. However, we understand that not all businesses have the connections and employees on staff to handle all of their needs. To assist we have vetted industry specific firms to fill the gaps for all your business needs from graphic designers, printers and single serving packagers. We want to help our clients so please ask what your business needs are.

Packaging Options