The most absorbable product form for dietary supplements is liquids. Your body will need to basically liquify everything you ingest in order to absorb nutrients, so liquids are making it easier for you. Liquid dietary supplements come in a variety of product types ranging from RTDs, which can ready to drink type products like 5-hour energy, packaged smoothies, flaxseed oils and even dropper tinctures. Developing a liquid formula will take time but the end product is incredibly unique and can last for generations if done well.


Liquid supplements are usually segmented by their type of packaging and function. Here is a list of the more common ones:

  • RTDs – Ready to drink liquids are any product that is typically single serving packaged and consumed when purchased. Protein shakes and caffeine energy drinks often fall into this category.
  • Oils – Also similar to RTDs but usually the serving is separated from a larger bottle into a tablespoon dosage.
  • Dropper Formulations – Sometimes referred to as tinctures, this product form is a concentrated liquid with a measured dropper to add to liquid usually water for consumption.

Liquid supplements are commonly packaged in standard single serving bottles (glass or plastic), larger bottles or bottles with droppers.

AJES has the capability to manufacture 1,000 liters per day.

Liquid supplements are a long-established dietary supplement product type. Virtually every natural ingredient can be heated and dissolved into a liquid. The following are the common supplement types for liquids:

  • Protein Shakes – Similar to a protein powder but with the water already added for quick consumption.
  • Tea concentrates – Usually a concentrated flavor, Green Tea is the most common, that is added to water to drink.
  • Energy drinks – Probably the most common product type will include anything with caffeine, guarana and taurine for a stimulating function.