Custom Formulation

Wouldn’t you like to have a completely new product to market to your customers?  The dietary supplement industry is very crowded with customers having hundreds of options between different brands and formulas.  Your supplement facts panel and product formulation are your marketing plans for your products.  It’s unlikely you have thought of or discovered some new natural ingredient/product concept unless you are a food scientist or researcher.  However, AJES can be your secret laboratory developing something unique and custom for your brand/business.  This will make your sales and marketing staff very happy and more importantly successful. 

AJES Formulation Advantages

  • Our abilities with the specialized product forms including gummies, liquids, ODTs make your product standout since most facilities are not capable of creating these products.
  • Seasoned staff of product development experts have developed thousands of products so we can easily elevate or execute your product concept.
  • With over 100 years of combined industry experience and advanced education our team is the perfect partner to find the best ingredients and push the industry standard for product efficacy, giving your customers results and guaranteeing reorders.

Stop price shopping and start working on something new and exciting today with AJES!


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