Capsules are a very useful way to deliver a small amount of nutrients in one pill.  They are either made with animal gelatin or vegetable cellulose for vegetarians. For further customization colored capsules are available as well as capsule printing for further branding opportunities.  Capsules are sometime preferable to tablets, since there is less complexity in the production and dissolution of the pills themselves. 

Form Specializations

Capsule supplements are usually segmented by their type of capsule size.  Here is a chart of the standard ones:



Capsule supplements are commonly packaged in standard bottles, blister packs or in single serving sachets.

AJES has the capability to manufacture 1.5 million capsules per day.

Capsules supplements are a long-established dietary supplement product type. Virtually every natural ingredient can be blended and packed into capsules. The following are supplement types that will not always be functional:

  • Oil Based Nutrients – Anything that is a liquid in its natural state will be difficult to blend into a mix for encapsulation it can be done at the sacrifice of potency/volume Fish Oils, Fatty Acids or Phosphatidylserine and other Phospholipids.